Jordyn’s sports tips – picking your sport


Do you want to play a sport? Are you struggling to decide on what to play? Picking a sport can be challenging, because there are dozens of sports to pick from. It all depends on your personal interests: do you like working alone or with other people, do you enjoy a good amount of physical activity, and how much work are you willing to put in? This all comes into account when wanting to play a sport.

Do you enjoy working individually or working with a group more? This factor is a big decision that needs to be made when deciding on a sport to play. Working individually has both advantages and disadvantages, a few advantages are: more control, confidence is greater, and all of the attention is on you. Some disadvantages could be: less support, more competition among friends, and you have to rely on your own skill to carry you. Playing a team sport however, is very different. Being involved in a team sport can be rewarding at times and hard at times. Advantages to working as a team are: different skills, someone is always there to motivate you, and you get to know new people that help to bring out the best in you. Disadvantages are: cooperation can very between teammates, competition can exist within the team, and sometimes, not everyone will get along 100% of the time.

After you’ve decided between an individual or team sport, you should think about the amount of work you are willing to put into it. All sports take a great amount of work, but there are some more that take some extra practice a few are: Crew, Football, Lacrosse, and Wrestling. To play these sports, it requires dedication and a great love for sports in general. There are also some easier sports to play if you are still finding your niche, this includes: Golf, Bowling, Volleyball, and Basketball. These sports still do require a ton of physical ability and hard work. However they are not as physically demanding as some other sports are, they do require great mental strength and patience to play. Mental strength is just as important as physical strength, these sports are hard in different ways.

You should also enjoy the sport, don’t just play it to do something. Play it because you enjoy it and you’ve found the love for them. Go have fun, pick your sport, and go play!