Let’s go back to the summer days


Let’s go back. Back to the summer days when we would dance around barefoot in the grass, and no one would say a thing. Back to the laughter that roared above any criticism. Let us twirl around and around, our hair flying around, and our surroundings whizzing by so fast that we can’t stop. Whizzing by so fast that we can’t tell the imperfections in the trees from the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. Those old summer nights when we couldn’t sleep because our bedtime was 8:30 p.m., but it was light outside until 10:00. Those early summer mornings when we’d rush downstairs and burst outside to ride our bikes around the driveway and just laugh and listen to the birds chirping.

I don’t hear the birds sing anymore; not like I used to when I was young.

Let’s wake up in the mornings again, and instead of reaching for coffee, we grab our OJ. Let’s wake up in the mornings again, and instead of sleeping in until noon and wasting half our day away, we get up early to watch cartoons and make play-dates with our friends.

Nowadays in the summer, we go to work. I don’t laugh with my friends like I used to.

Let’s go back. Back to the winter breaks where we’d spend our days outside making snowmen and snow angels. Back to the hot chocolate that would warm us up after coming inside after a long day of bitter air and Jack Frost. Let us dance around outside, the brisk December air going unnoticed because of our warm spirits radiating around us. We would throw snowballs and miss due to the layers and layers of warm, fluffy sweaters and coats that are obstructing our power to throw.

Those cozy nights in where families would all be together to just sit around and watch Christmas movies in front of the fire and drink hot chocolate. Those early Christmas mornings where we’d rush down the stairs, waking everyone in the house, and tearing open presents from Santa.

I don’t feel that Christmas rush anymore; everyone wants to sleep in. Let’s make winter magical again.

Let’s watch the fresh snow fall, shimmering like glitter in the midnight moon. Let’s smell the peppermint and freshly baked Christmas cookies. Let’s feel the gentle touch of our homes. Let’s not waste our time watching Netflix by ourselves. Let’s all get together and binge-watch Christmas movies together. Let’s go sledding down big hills and laugh together when we get to the bottom.

I want to spend break with everyone again. I don’t spend my time like I used to.

Let us dance around outside, the brisk December air going unnoticed because of our warm spirits radiating around us. ”

Can we just take a moment- just a few seconds- to remember? Remember what our lives were always like before today– before the societal pressures to conform set in. Soon, the only thing we’ll be able to remember about our childhood is the immaturity we once possessed and how the laughter- the laughter that used to roar- that was wasted.

We seem to be afraid now that our laughter is precious and must be spent on worthwhile things. We can’t bring ourselves to wake up early on a June morning to listen to the birds sing like we used to. When we were young, all we wanted was to grow up and do things like the older kids did.

We longed to stay up late and hang out with our friends whenever we wanted and eat as much junk food as we wanted. But now, we never see our friends, everyone’s on a diet, and our 8:30 p.m. bedtime is ideal compared to last night when we accidentally stayed up until 2 a.m. for the fourth night in a row. Regret.

This year, let’s do it. Let’s spend hours baking cookies. Let’s wake up early Christmas morning. Let’s listen to the birds sing. Let’s interact with one another. We have the power to go back and remember. I can remember how I used to feel; let’s all reminisce. This year, instead of just thinking about what we miss and why we miss it, let’s do it. Let’s go back.