The Local Epicurean offers entertaining, unique cooking classes


With a charming exterior, interesting decor, and a delectable aroma seeping out of the door, The Local Epicurean appeared to be the perfect place to spend the first cold afternoon of the year. Along with their wide selection of local ingredients, such as pasta and cheeses for sale, The Local Epicurean specializes in small cooking classes that teach culinary delights from all around the world.

Equipped with a gift certificate for their chocolate truffle-making class, an empty stomach, and a big smile, I entered the store filled with anticipation for learning to make chocolate truffles. After quickly checking in with the friendly staff, my friend and I proceeded to adorn ourselves with crisp white aprons and prepared to start the cooking class.

The class itself was an extremely enjoyable experience and one that I have never experienced before. While walking us through each step, the professional instructor taught us how to make truffles and each participant left The Local Epicurean more knowledgeable. The huge selection of ingredients to add to our truffles had us feeling like Michelin-starred chefs scoping out our kitchen. After taking about an hour to finish our creations, we were able to take home around twelve of our tasty treats.

Accompanying the class was a large selection of food to snack on. With luscious Belgian waffles, tangy caramel sauce, refreshing chocolate-dipped strawberries, and many more tasty treats, we were kept satisfied during the entire class.

Apart from the chocolate truffle class, The Local Epicurean offers dozens of more classes. With food ranging from savory ravioli to sweet gelato and everything in between, one is sure to find a class to please their taste buds. My great experience with the truffle class and the large selection of various classes has me wanting to return and try some more.

The only negative that I could see about the classes would be the price; ranging from $30-$80 per person for one class, it is definitely on the expensive side. If I hadn’t received the gift certificate, I’m not sure if I would have been willing to shell out $69 per person for the chocolate truffle class. Although very informative, delicious, and simply a lot of fun, I don’t think it was the best value, especially considering the fact that I only went home with a dozen truffles. Luckily, after you take your first class, they offer you certificates for your next class half off. With my next class at $35, I would be much more inclined to take it.

Aside from the steep price, The Local Epicurean provides a substantial selection of informative and indulgent classes for people of all ages to enjoy. Additionally, their market is consistently stocked with unique and delicious food products for all to take home. As the days get colder and shorter, try out The Local Epicurean for a cozy spot to pursue a weekend activity unlike any other in Grand Rapids.