Kate’s Korner- Keeping it professional while playing

Kates Korner- Keeping it professional while playing

Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

With the busy life of high schoolers, it is given that student-athletes are going to have conflicts with their peers. A team full of young adults provides a lot of diversity but can also prove to be difficult for all to mesh well. While team chemistry is a key component to a team’s success, the lack of it can be a huge issue for teams.

When players are on edge or just don’t get along, in general, it makes it hard to unite as one and be a great team together. Many coaches have different techniques they use to ensure they keep the peace within the team. One of the most unbiased and useful methods for successful team chemistry would be the phrase, “do not bring it onto the court.” What this means is, no matter what is happening in the personal lives of any players, it should be removed from the brain prior to stepping up to play.

It doesn’t matter if players are friends on or off the court because when they’re on the court, they are teammates and they must have each other’s backs. It can be hard to put aside differences but for the sake of the team, all athletes should live by the philosophy of “not bringing it onto the court.”