Palmer Anderson is ready to learn new things


Figuring out who you are can be the most difficult thing in the world. Senior Palmer Anderson admits that he is still is on a journey to figure out what he wants by trying new things. He enjoys things like music, drawing, and photography, and he is constantly trying new things to dig deeper into what he enjoys. Right now, he is experimenting with deejaying.

“At the beginning of high school, at band camp, we had a dance, and I thought [the music] was really cool,” Palmer said. “I hadn’t really listened to any electronic music before then, but it got me motivated.”

To learn how they do what they do, Palmer listens to sets from his favorite artists. He has found that there are many styles and genres of electronic music, and he uses them to inspire his own works. Additionally, communication and audio production is something that has really intrigued Palmer because of various shows and concerts. Palmer would really like to learn more about soundboard and how sound works onstage.

“My uncle has certain connections that allow me to go to events like festivals,” Palmer said. “It shows me how they set up their lights and how they set the stage up in a certain way for sound to travel best.”

In the future, Palmer is unsure about what he wants to do, but he may want to get want to get more involved with photography. He has been working with the yearbook team doing freelance photography.

“I got into yearbook because Mr. Lanning asked me to do some photography for him,” Palmer said. “I went to a couple of sporting events and got some photos of people. So when I joined yearbook, I was hoping just for more photography.”

It turns out that Palmer really enjoys the class because they can be “laid back” and still focus at the same time. At first, he only wanted to take photos, but now he enjoys just getting to know other people and learning more about them. He has seen many different types of people, some with very different perspectives than him.

Palmer has switched schools many times before coming to FHC, and along the way, he has met many people. He started at Pine Ridge Elementary and switched three more times until he finally came back to FHC.

“My parents thought different places would be nice for me,” Palmer said. “I’m super blessed to go this public school. It’s a really good community, and sometimes we take that for granted. I definitely learned a lot from moving from a smaller school to a larger school.”

Palmer sees that there are many opportunities for people at FHC, whether it’s through sports, music, or theater. So he decided to join the band, and it really developed his interest in percussion and music. Palmer believes he had learned a lot from his experiences in the band that he can carry into college.

As it gets closer to the end of the year, Palmer is excited to leave high school and go on to do bigger and better things. He believes high school is something you have to do and that it becomes what you made of it. Though there were tough moments, he is glad it forced him to think differently and live differently.

“You can learn what classes your better at, new study strategies, and try to work through those things,” Palmer said. “But just do your best, you don’t have to be like everybody else.”