Humans of FHC: Clara Mosentine


“Build season [for Robotics Team] just ended on Tuesday this week, and so what that means is we’ve spent the last six weeks building a robot. Then we put it in a bag, and we can’t touch it again until competition [season], which is in about two weeks. Our game this year is really interesting. You have to pick up cubes and put them in different areas, so everyone has to make their ‘bots really tall. Our first competition is in Indiana, our next one is in Lansing, and FHC is going to be hosting a competition as well. We have a two-year record of getting first place at Lansing, so we want to hold that and make it three years. It’s been a phase of my life. If I go into engineering, which I probably will, I’ll continue to do the same things and have fun doing it.”