Player Profile: Ali Czarnecki


Name: Ali Czarnecki

Grade: Senior

Sport: Soccer

What is you favorite part about school soccer?

“My favorite part about soccer is being with the team and the togetherness. I also like it because it keeps me in shape.”

What position do you play, and why do you like this position?  

“I play forward. I like my position because there is a lot of fundamentals that go into it. There are runs and plays that you have to get down.”

What were some successes you had last season?

“Last season was good but I did not get as much playing time as I do now which is really fun.”

How have you done this season?

“Pretty good, there are definitely things I could work on though.”

What is your outlook on this season?

“This season is looking good. I’m excited to see how far we’ll go.”

What are some team goals for this season?

“Team goals are for sure to make it as far as we can and work hard every game and every practice.”