Peppino’s Sports Grille and Pizzeria in Kentwood is a great neighborhood eatery


In my experience, nothing brings people together like a mouthwatering pizza. People gather around a table, and as the pizza cutter slowly cuts into the crust crumbling below it, impatient hands pull at the pieces, with strings of cheese extending out in all directions. This weekend, as I accompanied my parents on a visit to reunite with friends from decades ago, I witnessed this firsthand. At Peppino’s Sports Grille in Kentwood, friends were brought together once again in the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. 

Upon walking into Peppino’s, we were immediately greeted with a smile and brought to our table. Obviously a popular eatery, people continued to stream through the doors, and the restaurant was packed by the time we left. The menu was extensive, with a vast variety of food being offered. From burgers to pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and items from the grill, it was extremely hard to choose. Finally, I settled upon fettuccine alfredo pasta, while the rest of my table decided on burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and grilled salmon.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was extremely unique and rose above the standards of most. While a sports bar vibe radiated out of each TV-covered wall, it also felt cozy. Each customer appeared at ease as they enjoyed great food with great company. While the food took a while to arrive, it was understandable, given how crowded the restaurant was that day. Once it appeared, I immediately dove into my dish and was greeted with a huge bowl of pasta slathered in a delicious, rich, and creamy alfredo sauce. Every dish at the table was extremely tasty, and no one left hungry nor disappointed.

Though the prices were rather high, with one meal extending between $15-20, I think it was more than worth it. The servings were very generous, and one order of pasta lasted for two meals for me. Additionally, the food really was delicious and well worth the slightly elevated price tag. The service was polite, albeit a little slow; however, it was very understandable given how packed the restaurant was. The only downside about the whole experience was location; clocking in at over twenty minutes away on the highway, it was quite a long ride for just a sports bar.

With plenty of other fine pizza and sports bar options in Forest Hills and Cascade area, such Smokey Bones and Brann’s Steakhouse, I’m not sure if I would make the trek all the way out to Kentwood again. Though the atmosphere was vibrant, the service pleasant, and the food delectable, I wouldn’t make the half hour drive again just for the food. If one finds themselves in the area, however, Peppino’s is a great place to savor a delicious meal in an engaging environment.