Player Profile: Madison Bruno

Player Profile: Madison Bruno

Jordyn Carlson, Sports Reporter

Name: Madison Bruno

Grade: 12

Sport: Varsity Field Hockey

Position: Forward right midfielder


How long have you been playing Field Hockey?

“I am in my fifth year of playing.”

Who inspired you to play field hockey?

“I started going to camps because my neighbor used to play and suggested I try it out.”

What are your hopes for this season as an individual?

“[My hopes are] to help out others on my team as well as build myself up as a teammate and player.”

What are your hopes this season as a team?

Going up to division one, we have many different goals retaining to the new competition, such as having at least one shutout and beating at least one Ann Arbor team. Also just simply showing all the other teams that even though we are new to the division we deserve to be here.”

Do you have any game day rituals?

“I do not have any game day rituals, although I try to get Mcdonald’s hotcakes and sausage for every away game.”

Do you have an inspirational quote that you live by?

No, I do not. Although, our team has a quote: ‘we’ve got the stuff’ to remind ourselves of all of the great things we all have together such as confidence, hard work, teamwork, trust.”