Freshman volleyball comes out on top against Ottawa Hills 2-0

Freshman volleyball comes out on top against Ottawa Hills 2-0

The freshman volleyball team came back to beat out Ottawa Hills after an early struggle. The Ranger offense was able to turn it on and go on some serving runs. Both freshmen Kenzie Davis and Sophia Galan had great runs, securing at least 6 points each.

“It felt really good [to get ahead of the other team],” Kenzie said, “but I was really nervous about [the serving].”

The scrappy Ottawa Hills offense didn’t phase the Rangers once they got into the second set. The FHC defense only allowed 6 points to win the second set 25-6. In this set, FHC was more awake and ready to play.

“We talked a lot more [in the second set],” Sophia said. “Our serves went in, our passing was a lot better, and we were just on our toes and ready for the ball.”

The Ranger offense put up multiple hits and they were successful. The Bengel’s defense was unable to stop most of them and FHC produced many points. 

The beginning of the game, however, was rough. FHC came out as if they were asleep on the court. Ottawa Hills took the opportunity and struck the Rangers with everything they had, and it worked. Ottawa scored a good 5 points in a row without being stopped by Ranger defense. In fact, they were ahead for a good portion of the first set until FHC woke up and came back.

“[The game] didn’t start off the best,” Head coach Bri Tilton said. “[Ottawa] just kind of outworked us the whole time; our serving was also lacking a little bit, but then we picked it up toward the end and that’s what won that game.”

Another factor of a slow first set was lack of energy and motivation. The girls went into the game already expecting to win, which in the end, could’ve been their downfall.

“We have to work on motivation,” Kenzie said. “Getting our energy up will help us in future games.”

Despite the low quality of play in the first set, FHC won the game and continues their winning streak with now a 4-0 conference record. They face off again on Tuesday, September 25 at Lowell.

“[One of the best things about tonight’s game] was resiliency,” Tilton said. “They came back even though we didn’t start the best.”