The boys varsity tennis team dominates against Greenville 8-0

On Monday, the boys varsity tennis team was supposed to have a match against Greenville, but it was canceled because of weather and moved to Tuesday. The Rangers were able to compete against the Yellow Jackets in a relaxed battle that was dominated by the Rangers. FHC won the meet 8-0.

One doubles, which is junior Advith Reddy and sophomore Chris Battiste, were able to sweep both sets with a score of 6-0. One singles, which is junior Nick Sjolin, had a little bit of a tougher match. He won the first set 6-2 and then the second set 6-3. The Rangers were able to switch up the flights. Five doubles, which is seniors Nathan Jenkins and Mitch Bonner, took over three doubles. FHC was able to adjust their flights because they were dominating against the Yellow Jackets, so the seniors could have more playing time.

This match was a relevantly easy match for the Rangers. This win puts the Rangers OK White Conference record at 5-1. FHC’s next game is the conference meet at FHN and FHC on Friday. There are seven schools participating in the meet: Cedar Springs, FHN, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills, Greenville, Lowell, and Northview. The Rangers look to place high in the tournament.