On the sideline with Sports Report #1: Student section leader Vaughn Rodriguez

Tommy Spaletto

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Anyone at FHC will tell you that one of the things they love about the school is the school spirit and being a part of the student section. But senior Vaughn Rodriguez, one of the student section leaders this year, has taken the loud and proud FHC student section to new heights.

“Overall I think the student section is definitely louder than last year,” Vaughn said. “I think our presence is a lot better, whether it be the student section itself or just the leaders announcing themes and having a bigger presence on social media.”

Vaughn hopes to improve the student section even further by bringing more of a crowd to the less-attended sports come winter and spring sports season.

“Football will probably be the biggest turnout we have this year,” Vaughn said. “I just hope that other people will actually show up to other sports events whether it be girls soccer, lacrosse, baseball, hockey, or basketball. I hope that there can be a greater turnout for any other sport.”

Outside of school, Vaughn participates in wrestling and mountain bikes with friends every so often. Recently, Vaughn has found a passion for rock climbing, and he’s glad that friends have introduced climbing to him. Vaughn finds joy in spending time with friends and trying new experiences.

During his senior year, Vaughn has felt more at home when he is at FHC than any other year.

“This year, or at least senior year, everyone feels like [FHC] is more of a community,” Vaughn said. “Everyone seems like this is more like a family than just fellow students. It seem like everybody is much closer and more comfortable.”

Vaughn has had quite the start to his senior year. Not only has he been named student section leader, but was also crowned Homecoming King.

“[Being crowned Homecoming King] was just a really great experience,” Vaughn said. “I thank the senior class for allowing me to have that opportunity and let me be the King because I know there can only be one. I’m just thankful to get the opportunity.”

Vaughn says that the key to being involved in school spirit activities is simply, be excited.

“My biggest advice would be as excited to go to every sporting event as you can,” Vaughn said. “Try to be the coolest person that you can be to maintain good relationships with a lot of the people in the school. Ultimately, without them, you won’t have good support that you need [to be student section leader].”