Boys JV soccer takes the win over Ottawa Hills 4-1


Freshman Ben Taylor managed to sneak a shot over the goalie, securing the Rangers’ victory over Ottawa Hills 4-1.

“We started off strong, right out of the gate,” sophomore Mason Corcoran said. “Overall, we played a full game of soccer. We really played our hearts out tonight.”

Forest Hills Central battled hard against a very physical Ottawa Hills team to pull out the win. Both sides played a quality game, but the Rangers struck first. Freshman Joe Robertson scored in the first ten minutes of the game on a soft lob that arched over the defense, just skimming the goalie’s hands. The leading minutes in the first half were full of both sides scraping and jarring each other to get the ball. Although the score was 1-0 with the Rangers leading, the Bengals were still in the game.

Some sophomore chemistry showed in the second half, as Mason Corcoran pulled a trick out of his hat and back-heeled the ball right to sophomore Matthew Mahoney. Matthew then connected with his fellow player, freshman Ben Taylor, who then banged it into the net. This, however, was not the only goal that involved some Ranger teamwork; another was a shot from freshman Bryce Notarnicola, assisted from freshman Sam Kelly. Just when the Bengals thought it was over, Ben Taylor spun, and sent a screamer curling into the back of the net at 30 yards.

“Ben was a huge impact today with two very nice goals,” Matthew said, “one right off the volley, and one deep, long shot over the goalkeeper’s hands.”

After Ben’s shot, the Ranger offense felt comfortable with their lead, and decided to diminish the intensity of their pressure. One little breakaway led by Bryce did occur, however, and ended up with the ball in the back of the net, boosting the score to 4-0. Finally, Ottawa Hills managed to sneak the ball passed the goalie and into the net, finalizing the game in a 4-1 win for the Rangers.

“[Something we’ve improved on] is our passing, and our ability to recognize and attack space,” Head coach Paul Kramer said. “We’ve come a long way since the beginning.”

The team now moves to 8-6-1 on the season, and 8-1-1 in its conference. FHC’s next game is against Grand Haven on Saturday, October 6.