Varsity football claims huge victory over Greenville 55-0


In the last minute of the game, senior Logan Wedder went into the end zone with a 93-yard touchdown, putting the final points on the board for FHC. The Rangers won the game against Greenville 55-0.

Other major contributors to this game before Logan’s game-ending touchdown, were touchdowns by senior Tate Hallock, Juniors Jimmy Scholler and Jackson Clay, and sophomores Joey Wise and Carson Mocherman. The first half of the game was touchdown-heavy. FHC had a score of 28 alone by the end of the first quarter. FHC started off hot and kept the momentum going throughout the game in order to stop the Yellow Jackets.

“We had a pretty much do-or-die [game],” Tate said. “We were 4-4 and getting into the playoffs, we had to be 5-4. We really just took that in and came off hard from the start.”

Jimmy ran the ball from 3 yards out to score the first touchdown for FHC and start the game for the Rangers. Within minutes, Jimmy looks up the field to Tate and passes it to him to get yet another touchdown.

With only a few minutes left in the first quarter, the power-duo of Jimmy and Tate take the ball into the end zone yet again. Jimmy spots Tate camping out in the end zone and gets it to him to score a 32-yard touchdown. The Greenville defense couldn’t successfully stop the Ranger touchdowns; Jackson came plowing down the field trying to get open for Jimmy, and he does exactly that. Jackson received the ball for a 6-yard touchdown.

“It felt amazing [to start off so great],” Jackson said. “Our offense started clicking right off the bat and Jimmy has stepped up big time.”

Carson Mocherman helped put up some points for FHC in the second quarter in the quarterback position. Carson threw a 20-yard pass to Tate for yet another touchdown, leading the Yellow Jackets 35-0. After two minutes of the FHC defense holding the Greenville offense tightly, the ball ended back into the hands of Carson who dove into the end zone for a 2-yard touchdown.

Throughout the entire duration of the first quarter, the strong and powerful Ranger defense held the Yellow Jackets so well that they never passed the 50-yard line and kept the score the same: 42-0.

Coming back onto the field after halftime, the Rangers had an exciting energy that surely showed in the last half with FHC scoring two more touchdowns. Joey Wise gets the ball for an 8-yard touchdown and brings the Rangers up to 48-0. The kick for this touchdown was blocked by the Yellow Jackets but FHC quickly got their mojo back and scored for the seventh and final time during this game, winning 55-0.

With last night’s win against Greenville and a final record of 5-4, the Rangers could potentially have a spot in the playoffs. Sunday is selection day; FHC will find out then if the team will be in the playoff games.

“[The biggest key to winning this game was] sticking to our game plan and not getting overconfident even though we were up,” Jackson said. “‘Just keep pushing the pedal,’ is what we said at halftime; we needed to just keep going.”