Humans of FHC: Anna Breaugh


“I’ve just been really busy, I guess. I have a lot of things I do outside of school. I babysit a lot and nanny a couple of kids, and I work in my church’s nursery. I also do a lot of volunteering outside of school and play softball for a winter league and the actual [spring] season.

I just have to work around certainĀ things, and they’re not all at the same time. You just have to work it in there and think that school always comes first. I don’t really know how I manage it; I just do it.

I would say just try your best at things. With my school work and things like that, I always think that as long as you do your best at it, you’re showing that you care about your schoolwork and about the people around you. I always try to smile and be nice to other people to show that you care, and normally, people just respond well to that.”