Hello, it’s me


Hello, it’s me: stress.

I am always here. A looming gray cloud. Sometimes, I am forgotten. I slip away, allowing the sun to shine brightly. But I am never really gone. I am hidden in the darkest corner of your mind, ready to resurface when you remember the never-ending list of tasks you must accomplish. There will never be an end to work, and there will never be an end of me. You push me away, staving me off. I may be held back for a moment, but I will come back worse than before. I am not evil, but I am constant. I open the door to my destructive comrades: anxiety and depression. I never mean to hurt you, but I am a part of life. You may be relieved of me for a few hours as you sleep. But the moment your eyes open again, you are forced to face the harsh reality of me. The warm breeze of relief is quickly squashed by my relentlessness. I am an unavoidable aspect of everyday life. I am stress.

Hello, it’s me: anxiety.

I’m a spiraling whirlwind of chaos. I’m the short breaths that barely escape your mouth as you fight for air. You heart races like a pack of wild horses as I settle in making myself at home. The world spins around you. Loud, chaotic, wrong. I’m vivid and intense, full of worry. You try to fight me away. You give it your all, but you can’t touch me. Your anger seeps from you, and you release its flames at the people around you. I taint every happy moment with my evil touch. I brush my fingers gently across your consciousness and you feel a physical weight drop onto your chest. Suffocating and paralyzing. Messy, hot tears overflow, spilling onto your cheeks. I’m a monster with malicious intent. I want to see you suffer. I want to see the stress overcome you. I blame you for where you are, how you feel. I whisper into your mind, telling you that you don’t deserve to feel sorry for yourself. Every thought and every action is intertwined within me. I keep you from moving forward, from taking the next step. I assure you that you are doing something wrong. That all your hard work is for nothing. I leave you confused. I am crippling. I am anxiety.

Hello, it’s me: depression.

I am heavy, thick, and slow-moving. I am like a blanket, but not a warm, comforting one. No, I am the blanket that traps you in exhaustion. I rob you of motivation, slowly replacing it until I am a part of you. I convince you that you and I are one and the same. Worthless. I whisper that word into your ear until you believe it. You are nothing. You are worth no one’s time. Numb to the world, you embrace me unwillingly. Giving into me seems like a comfort. I am manipulative. I make you think you need me. I am the master, and you are the puppet. You trudge through life under my control. I am the path of least resistance, and you are depleted of energy from trying to fight off anxiety. I watch as you curl into a ball; quiet sobs rack your body. You are weak. I am strong. I am depression.

Hello, it’s me: hope.

Breathe. Wipe away the tears. It’s going to be ok. You’ve been through so much. But I have good news. I have planted myself, a seed, in your heart. I have the potential to sprout and grow into a beautiful, blossoming flower. But you must nurture me. Together, we will overcome the trials you face. It won’t be easy. But I believe in you. Someday, you will look back at where you are now, and you will be able to say that you got past it. I wrap you in my embrace, whispering words of comfort into your ear. This will all be over soon. You will get past it. Look for me in the dark moments. When everything is bleak and your problems seem unmanageable, look for me. I am a spark waiting to ignite if you just let me. I swear to you that this will not last forever. Stress, anxiety, depression. They all seem eternal. But that’s entirely up to you. Like I said, it won’t be easy. But it is possible. Take my hand, and let me help you. I am beautiful. I am relief. I am comfort. I am peace. I am hope.