Holland and Fitz proves to be an outstanding local deli


Conveniently located in downtown Ada, the delicatessen of Holland and Fitz is surely an outstanding local restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Serving a variety of different food items, the deli certainly proved to be an amazing restaurant in town when I visited it last week.

Located off of Thornapple River Dr, the adorable restaurant has an ambiance that feels like home. From the moment my feet stepped on the black and white checkered floor, I could sense the cozy feelings flowing throughout the deli. There were cute, modern decorations lining the walls, and cheerful music poured out of the speakers.

Throughout the restaurant, Christmas decorations were beautifully set up, and humble decor was seen everywhere I looked. Different sized wood-top tables were perfectly arranged throughout the small seating areas; charming vases filled with coffee beans sat on top of them. The large windows and quaint light fixtures lit up the restaurant perfectly; they created beams of light that showed off of the clean tables and floor.

As I walked in, I was greeted with a smile by an employee and was immediately asked if I wanted to see a menu. I was handed a small menu with many food options from classic breakfasts to unique sandwiches. They also had an assortment of different baked goods and pastries available to purchase.

As it was only ten o’clock when I arrived, I chose to purchase a delicious breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and breakfast potatoes. The price came out to be higher than I expected at a final of $13.00; however, despite the price, I was hoping that the quality of food would exceed my expectations.

Holland and Fitz is definitely set up like a true deli rather than a classic restaurant. I ordered my food at a counter with a friendly, kind hostess, and I paid before I received my breakfast. The order was immediately sent to the kitchen where my food was made efficiently.

As I waited for my meal, I noticed the different items that were set up on a shelf for sale. They were selling high-quality maple syrups, honey, and even different books. The way Holland and Fitz was not only able to sell food and pastries but also various other goods greatly impressed me. The setup of the deli made my trip most certainly refreshing and exciting to see.

When I received my food, an amazing aroma tickled my nose. Steam rose from the plate; each and every item of food looked absolutely delicious. I placed my fork into the pile of potatoes before me, and a million flavors exploded in my mouth.

The whole-wheat toast was toasted perfectly, and the eggs were scrambled to perfection. The most flavorful portion of the entire meal was most certainly the three pieces of thick-cut bacon. As I bit into it, I was greatly impressed with the amount of flavor that seeped through the bacon like the sun during a morning sunrise.

It was apparent that all of the food was of the highest quality; it most certainly did not feel processed like much of the food we eat today. The more extreme prices of food were now obvious to me because each and every item was truly delicious.

As I cleared my plate, I had definitely had enough to eat. The portions of my meal were perfect, and the quality of the items did not disappoint me. As I left the deli, I was left with a smile from the hostess, a full stomach, and a happy feeling flowing throughout me.

The food from Holland and Fitz reminded me of my mom’s cooking, which put a smile on my face. Not only did I enjoy an amazing meal, but I also was able to leave happier than when I entered.

My experience at Holland and Fitz was one that makes me want to go back every day. The blissful atmosphere, exquisite food, and outstanding service made the experience wonderful. My first trip will certainly not be my last to Holland and Fitz.