Healthy food is done right at Bliss & Vinegar


Exactly four minutes away from school, Bliss & Vinegar is available for business from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. This convenient, health-food outlet provides customers with a menu that is unlike most others in the area.

Walking into the restaurant, I immediately took note of the cleanliness. The floor and tables were spotless. Additionally, as I walked up to the counter, I noticed that all the add-ins were in their own containers. At similar restaurants like Subway or Qdoba, most of the add-ins are mixed together or spread across the counter.

The process of creating your dish is, as I mentioned above, like Subway and Qdoba. There are different options listed overhead that you can choose and customize to your liking. I chose the B & V Kale Caesar, consisting of a kale blend, shaved parmesan, red onion, pita croutons, and creamy Caesar vinaigrette.

As I moved further down the counter, it was like the add-in options were never-ending. At the end of the line, they mix all the ingredients together by hand with gloves on and then transfer the meal into a recycled bowl.

The total of my salad came to $7.53 which seemed reasonable, considering Bliss & Vinegar is a health-food oriented restaurant.

I sat down at a table and took the first bite. Compared to a stereotypical caesar salad, Bliss & Vinegar’s version is very different. The dressing is lighter since it is vinegar based. If you are someone who likes the heavier feel of caesar salads, this would not be the place to go. Personally, I like all types of salads, and I enjoyed it immensely. A huge factor I look for in all types of food is balance. This had even proportions: dressing to kale, kale to onions, onions to croutons, croutons to parmesan.

The portion of salad that was given to me as the regular size was very generous. I was impressed that for only $7.53, I was able to feel as full as I would eating a steak, though I just ate a salad.

Health foods are typically categorized as bland meals, but Bliss & Vinegar breaks that assumption. Saying I was satisfied would be a complete understatement.

In addition, Bliss & Vinegar is next door to Sip Organic Juice Bar which makes for quite the dynamic duo of restaurants.

I will be going back soon, and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who would like to try healthy food that is correspondingly delicious.