Love’s Ice Cream caters to all


“Oh, mama!”

Literally, only one bite in, and my friend Annie was already in a state of pure bliss.

While eating ice cream in the middle of a Michigan winter might seems like an abomination, there we were in the middle of the Downtown Market happily eating four single scoop ice creams. As intermittent ice cream lovers, we entered vaguely skeptical that no amount of ice cream or gelato would truly pique our taste buds enough for us to finish them, a notion that Love’s proved to be thoroughly incorrect.

With two scoops each in hand, we giggled in eagerness over this spontaneous treat, already salivating at the ambrosial aromas. Annie was the first to try the ice cream; her loud exclamation of excitement over her choice made it obvious that this ice cream was like no other. She tried “Chocolate Malt,” noting that although it retained a smooth taste, it was thick almost to the point of being chewy which made it very filling. Besides just having chocolate flavoring, there was something much more than that, something that gave it that signature malt taste not dissimilar to the taste of Whoppers candies. 

The other flavor she tasted was the “Cookie Squared” flavor that combined baked cookie bits with hunks of cookie dough. Together, the two ingredients were swirled into a smooth vanilla ice cream that also held a certain salty taste, a surprising but delicious addition.

For me, my two choices of flavoring were clear; I had to pick the “Lavender Blueberry” and the “Coconut Chip,” which were the two that combined my favorite flavors of all time into two samplings. What I initially thought would be a taste mainly consisting of blueberry ended up being a rather overpowering taste of sweet lavender with small bits of blueberry mixed in, which I probably should’ve deduced from the strong, aromatic smell of lavender wafting from the single scoop.

Another misconception I had about the choices was the fact that my “ice cream” was actually not ice cream at all but non-dairy, vegan gelato, which was surprisingly delicious. Being gelato, the consistency of my orders was thick with a high viscosity and didn’t melt very fast, making it much easier to savor the dessert.

Unlike most coconut-flavored ice creams/gelatos, “Coconut Chip” was smooth and only subtlely coconut-y. Small chunks of chocolate combined with the buttery taste of gelato was a heavenly combination, but it was definitely not as unique as the “Lavender Blueberry.”

Granolas, drinks, sweets, ice cream bars, candy, and more cover counters and shelves, enticing the adults and children alike to take a closer look at their irresistible display. However, while the other sweets and the decor of Love’s may be what initially intrigues customers, the ice cream case is the hook that finally reels them in for the catch.

Although Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream will do the job any other day, Love’s Ice Cream is for special occasions when wholesome ingredients and local flavor trump large-scale corporation tastes. With at least sixteen flavors under their belt, Love’s has crafted the perfect ice creams and gelatos, adding their own twist to classic flavors and even customizing flavors for lovers of local tastes like Madcap Coffee Company. They take what most ice cream companies do and then do it better.

Beyond just catering to those with a sweet tooth, Love’s also accommodates for vegans and for those with a special affinity for organic food. Split between ice cream and non-dairy vegan gelato (not the most appealing title), their menu of flavors ranges across many palettes while also indulging those with dietary restrictions. On top of that, every ice cream is made with organic ingredients including grass-fed dairy and more, an aspect that ensures a certain level of food safety with their products.

Additionally, Love’s has proven to be environmentally conscious, making each bite of ice cream rest a little easier. With compostable containers and various recycling bins marking the exit, every visit to Love’s feels a little self-satisfactory, as every customer leaves with a happy mouth and a happy conscience.