Ski team clinches first and seventh at this week’s races


Last night, the FHC ski team had an overall successful night. The girls team was able to clinched first place, and the boys team secured seventh.

There were several impressive runs for the girls team last night. Four of the girls placed in the top twenty for Slalom races, and of those, three were in the top ten. Senior Kayley Reynolds placed second, as her two races clocked in at a total time of 1:05.88. Following close behind was senior Courtney McAlindon whose two races totaled up to 1:07.26. Sophomore Abby McAlindon placed ninth in her races and completed them both in 1:10.83. Lastly, senior Grace Kline secured nineteenth place with a successful time of 1:16.59.

The boys team didn’t have as much success as it wished for; however, the boys still displayed a solid performance. Four of the racers finished in the top thirty-five: seniors Noah Stout and Nathan Jenkins, junior Sam Werkema, and sophomore Aidan O’Meara. Sam finished nineteenth in the Slalom races, and his final time ended up being 1:14.54. Next to finish were Noah and Nathan, with Noah taking twenty-seventh place with a time of 1:18.63 and Nathan getting twenty-eighth with a time of 1:21.45. Finishing in thirty-third place with a time of 1:25.69 was Aidan in the Slalom races.

The FHC ski team’s next race will take place on Saturday, Jan. 12 at Cannonsburg. Their races will begin at 4:30.