Class of 2019 says thank you to the senior moms for the senior treat


As the first half of the year comes to a close and seniors begin their last semester, over three hundred members of the Class of 2019 are finding themselves with plenty to reminisce about. Between the iconic senior retreat, to domination during Homecoming week activities, to the senior dinner dance, and countless memories dispersed in between, it’s been an eventful, unforgettable year thus far.

For most, an undoubtedly exceptional highlight of senior year has been the consistent gift of “senior treats” put together by the Class of 2019’s moms. Meticulously delivered at the pinnacle of students’ stress, these delectable treats swoop in when motivation, enthusiasm, and drive are at all-time-lows. From beautiful holiday ornaments to donuts, apple sundaes, hot chocolate, and more delicious treats, this one aspect alone has constantly brightened seniors’ days.

While there is so much more that the team of moms puts together for the Class of 2019, for this one element in specific, the seniors would like to say thank you.

“I’d like to say thank you to the moms because I’m thankful for the hot chocolate and all the goodies they give us; it felt really good knowing that they care about us. The donuts with apple cider– the fall one during Halloween — was really sweet. It helps me wake up and be this excited about the school year and not have senioritis.” (Kristen Giles)

“I’d like to thank them for their amazing effort in brightening up the seniors’ days. They make me happy. It warms my heart knowing that they care so much for us and are doing so much. Definitely the hot chocolate was really nice during the cold day. It’s always a reminder that I’m a senior, and it feels good.” (Dillon Lee)

“Thank you to the senior moms who put together the treat for always going the extra mile and making our senior year amazing. [My favorite was] the apples and caramel! I think it makes everyone really happy and brings them closer because now we actually get to eat the treat together instead of just watching the older kids get it.” (Megan Stockenauer)

“Thank you for those cute goodie bags you gave us as we got off the bus from senior retreat. That was the cutest thing ever. It made me feel really welcomed back because I was a little sad about coming back from the retreat. I think the senior moms’ effort boosts senior morale a lot. Like with the treats, and the goodie bags, and the ornaments, the whole class is just super hyped up for it.” (Fadwa Kamari)

“Thank you to the senior moms for all the hard work you put into those treats just to lighten up the day for us seniors. I enjoyed the apple sundaes [the most]. It makes the seniors feel happy they went to school that day because they get to have a nice little treat with lunch.” (Nathan Jenkins)

“The [hot chocolate] was very nice of them to do; it made our Thursday a lot better. It was such a nice surprise to have in a week that’s been kind of hectic. It reinforces the idea that we’re actually seniors, so it’s kind of weird, but it’s also a really nice surprise to have. I think it’s a nice extra thing to get as a senior once a month, with a little more motivation. They want the seniors to feel special, so [thank you] for being so supportive of all of us.” (Caileigh Treash)

“[Thank you for] volunteering so much time to plan events and senior treats without getting anything in return. Not only were [the donuts] very good, but it came at a stressful time, for me at least, so it was a really nice gift. It’s a somewhat small gesture, but it does have a great impact on the collective morale of the seniors. It’s a nice gift to receive, and it reminds the students that their hard work is appreciated.” (Brendan Wendlandt, Class of 2019 Treasurer)

“[My favorite was] the hot chocolate! I feel like the surprise of a senior treat just brings up childlike joy for all of us seniors. It’s almost like the feeling of hearing the ice cream truck all over again. Thank you to the senior moms for taking the time to honor our class. We have so much gratitude for all you do.” (Sutton Steensma, Class of 2019 President)

From every member of the Class of 2019, thank you to the senior moms who have put so much time, effort, and care into making the seniors’ year great. There is endless appreciation within the class, and seniors are extremely grateful for the past and incredibly excited for the future.