Humans of FHC: Jacob Kos


“One time, about five years ago, my mom took my sister and me on a trip to Florida for Spring Break. Instead of flying—like we usually do—my mom thought it would be a good idea to drive for the experience. It was not a good idea, and it ended up taking a lot longer to get there than expected due to the traffic. We couldn’t make it to the hotel we were supposed to sleep in. We ended up in a really sketchy neighborhood with a lot of weird signs. We went to three different hotels, and they were either too full or too sketchy. One room we checked into reeked of smoke and cigarettes burns everywhere—even though it was a no smoking room. We ended up driving to a hotel in a safer area and stayed the night there. Also, later on that trip, at the resort we stayed at, there was a huge tarantula. After all of that, the trip actually turned out to be good.”