Player Profile: Rhosias Arius


Name: Rhosias Arius

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Football

Position: Wide receiver

Fun facts about Rhosias:

  1. He is able to dunk
  2. He enjoys watching Oregon football
  3. He was on JV football as a freshman

What is the strongest part of the team this year?

“Throughout the season, we were very lethal and challenged teams in every way. Our chemistry and talent outmatched everyone, giving us the upper hand.”

What is your favorite football memory of all time?

“One of my favorite memories was probably beating Grandville this year. It was a big goal of ours and was a huge task, but we got it done.”

How was the beginning of the season different from these last few games?

“We were full of talent at the beginning of the season. A few of our players were pulled up or injured, which really hurt us. We have learned over the last few games, though, that we need to work as a team, and we’ve done just that.”

What are you going to work on in the off-season?

“I’m just going to work on getting bigger, faster, and stronger. I need to improve all parts of my game and am looking forward to the challenge.”