I am simply myself

I am simply myself

I tend to be the type of person to care without caring too much. I follow in everyone else’s footsteps but also make my own.

 I am simply apathetic. 

I feel like an extra in a movie about my life. I am there physically but not mentally, yet my mind seems to be completely intact. I cannot stutter on my words because I would prefer other people to have the chance to perfect theirs. 

I am simply extraneous.

I am not the typical “straight A” student, but I am still doing fine in school. I am not at the center of attention, but I still manage to be known. I am not a unique chess piece; I am a mere pawn amongst others just like me.

I am simply average. 

I do not easily open myself up to others. I allow all of my emotions to boil at the surface until I find myself alone. I do not take risks in life. I find my comfort zone and hide in the dead center of it. 

I am simply afraid. 

I bounce between right and wrong because the fine line between the two seems to be nonexistent. I rush to follow the leads of other people no matter what the consequence is. 

I am simply conforming. 

I sit in my room some nights and wonder how different my life would be if I went out with my friends more often. I isolate myself from a world of people. I spend so much time focusing on my effect on others that I miss that time with them completely.

I am simply alone.

Life can be a complicated puzzle, but at least you only have to focus on one piece of it.”

However, no matter how simple I may be, I am uniquely simple. 

I may be apathetic. I may be extraneous. I may be average. I may be afraid. I may be conforming. I may be alone. 

But at least I am different. 

Each trait alone is relatable for millions of people, but it suddenly becomes more difficult to relate to the combination of all of them. 

Each of the characteristics makes up my persona; it is my persona that makes up my life. 

I am simply myself.

However, life itself can be the same way. There is always so much to focus on that is difficult to find just one thing, but in the end, this is how the truth rises to the surface.  

Life can be a complicated puzzle, but at least you only have to focus on one piece of it. 

That one piece is your entire life, so you cannot lose it now. There may be times when you think that you are just like everyone else and that there is nothing special about you, but you are that final piece to the puzzle of life that makes everyone feel relieved. 

It does not make a difference how substantial that puzzle is because it is that piece whose presence completes life.