I found exactly what I needed from NF’s album The Search


Deep and meaningful words are known to be lost to the upbeat rhythm and à la mode lyrics of rap music; however, in artist NF’s new album, he combines purpose and a catchy beat to create a compilation of songs people of all ages can enjoy. 

The album begins with the song “The Search.” It is first carried by an opera, though that quickly becomes the fluff to NF’s impactful voice and words. He voices that he is searching for something but doesn’t know what, and he knows it will take him a while to find exactly what he is looking for.

The contrast of the high-pitched voices of the opera singers in the background to NF’s deep, staccato voice closely resemble the next song on the album, titled “Leave Me Alone.” Though the same beat, the lyrics of Leave Me Alone” exert more force and negativity. NF says he doubts himself due to his self-hatred and needs time to gather his thoughts. 

The fluidity of his words creates an impactful and graceful story.”

The fluidity of his words creates an impactful and graceful story; bothLeave Me Alone” and The Search” represent NF’s unique music style perfectly.

“Change” brings an eccentric beat to the album; its African-style rhythm gives the song a cheerful aroma. Slower than other music he has created, this song focuses primarily on him wanting and looking for a change in his life. Although he is searching for new experiences, there is a part of him that is apprehensive to try new things. 

This piece gives his listeners a light-hearted break from his large compilation of hidden-meaning songs.

Perhaps the most relatable song on the album, My Stress,” expresses how he wants a break from the pressure and anxieties of life. A somber piano ballad plays in the background setting a grave tone for the rest of the song. 

As the beat picks up, the meaning of his words deepen. He admits that, although he can only take it in small doses, he craves pressure. The things he used to love and enjoy have become tasks due to stress nagging at him. My Stress” brings reality to his album and is a song that people of all ages can relate to. 

Deep, solemn violins drag out notes until there is nothing left but the echo; this sets the tone for the rest of the song. NF turns the negatives of a struggling relationship into positives in his song Time.” It is filled with defeat and conflict; however, he is optimistic and believes that everything will be okay if they continue and try to make the relationship work. 

A story of a raw, open-wounded relationship is told through relatable metaphors and an elegant melody. Time’s” lyrics and tune complement each other like no other, and its uniqueness stands out among most music. It is a must for your sad-song playlist, just like most of his other songs on the album.

The Search became their ink when all they were given was a pen, and you can’t have a pen without the ink.”

The Search has opened my eyes to a different style of music. Every lyric NF sings, he sings with depth and purpose. Every string instrument that strums is strummed with hope and ambition. Every note the piano plays is played with elegance and grace. 

NF has put into words the emotions his listeners can’t. The Search became their ink when all they were given was a pen, and you can’t have a pen without the ink.