Girls wrestling proves its talent at Sandusky tournament

Cam Roth

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Senior Sarah Schenck and junior Rachel Schenck were both able to crush every opponent unlucky enough to line up against them during the Sandusky individual tournament. The two sisters, wrestling in the same weight class, were crowned co-champs after both being placed in the finals against each other. In addition, senior Hannah Becker was a champion in her respective weight class, pinning each of her opponents in the first period. 

“It was a really fun tournament, everyone had tough matches and came out fighting hard. It was awesome to see the hard work that’s put into practice transfer into matches,” said Hannah.

Junior Rebecca Dooley was able to place second in her weight class and had an all-around successful day. Senior Shay Keaton did well throughout the tournament as well, wrestling co-ed.

The girls will continue grinding in the practice room in order to put on a show at the state tournament coming up in February. The next meet they will participate in will be January 19th at the Rangerbrawl Round Robin.