Player Profile: Calvin Balanda


Joe Murdock, Sports Reporter

Sport: Boys Freshman Basketball


Grade: 9 


Position: Center 


How is the season going so far? 

Great, we are 12-3 on the season and 8-1 in conference play. We have practice Monday through Saturday with a couple of games a week. Coach Monroe and Coach Ellis give a lot of time and effort to prepare us for our games each week, they make practices very competitive and fun.


What are your goals for the season?

 My main goal this season is to help my team sweep the remaining games this season. Also, It has been a goal of mine to throw down a dunk this season. 

How long have you been playing basketball? 

 I have been playing basketball for three years now. I started playing in 7th grade and competed on the recreational team. I wasn’t satisfied with my skills and worked very hard to become part of the B team in 8th grade. Now on the freshman basketball team, I plan on playing at the highest level I can throughout high school.

What is your favorite part about being on the team? 

My favorite part about being on the team is that I can play alongside my teammates and compete with them. I’ve gotten to know them very well and we all have each other’s backs. I think that the more you know who your teammates are off the court, the better you play with them.


3 Fun facts about Calvin

  1. He also plays baseball.
  2. He loves competing with others.
  3. He enjoys a good banana every once in a while.


What is your most memorable basketball experience?

My most memorable experience in basketball was celebrating our victory in the holiday tournament, in the locker room.


What makes basketball special to you? 

The competitive culture and excitement of playing and watching it.