The little things you don’t know about me


I am always curious as to who I am in others’ minds. Who do they think I am? Am I someone who is incredibly funny, or am I someone who knows exactly what to say in a tough situation? Am I calm or crazy? Shy or outgoing? I think different people see different sides of me.

My closest friends know that I am really funny and spontaneous; I’m always quick to make a laughable comment. My family knows that I’m very hardworking and that when I set my mind to something, it gets done. My classmates know that I’m shy but kind and willing to help anyone around me. But is that all I am?

I grew up hearing that “if everyone was the same, we would be living in a really boring world.””

Sometimes, I can get caught up in who I should be or who they need me to be. But shouldn’t I just be myself? All of those versions that people see are me; they are all my personality, but I choose to highlight or hide certain parts of my personality to be more compatible or more well-liked just like everyone else does. So, the real question is who am I in my mind? 

I’m someone who is friendly and caring towards everyone who shares the same positive energy. I enjoy meeting new people although I may be a little shy. I love everything about nature and our planet. I work hard toward goals that I set for myself, whether it’s something school-related or not. I’m very sensitive and in touch with my emotions. 

Some of those things people see, and other things people don’t see. There are so many different sides to me, but each makes up me, my identity, who I am. Without each personality trait, I would be someone completely different. There might be things about me that I’m insecure about or that I wish I could change, but I always try to remind myself that everyone is unique, and that alone makes everyone so beautiful.

I grew up hearing that “if everyone was the same, we would be living in a really boring world,” and second-grade me thought it would be so cool to see everyone be exactly the same, but now I realize how awful it would be.

We are each special and different from each other, and that truly amazes me; it is what makes our world such an interesting place to live in. So, if I have learned at least one thing, it is that we are each ourselves, and we should celebrate our differences and our quirks because that is what makes us, us.