The Babysitter: Killer Queen was far from your expectations as a horror film


While the horror/comedy film, The Babysitter, wasn’t exactly what I would call horrifying, the second movie—The Babysitter: Killer Queen—was even a step down on the horror scale. 

I’ve never been a fan of scary movies because they always creep me out too much to ever finish one. The other night I wanted to watch a movie and The Babysitter: Killer Queen seemed intriguing by the title, but when I clicked on the information icon, I realized the Netflix original movie was supposedly scary.

I was looking through the newest releases on Netflix and couldn’t decide on a movie and I just kept coming back to The Babysitter: Killer Queen. I was for some reason intrigued by the film’s name, characters, and storyline and gave in to watching it.

First, I needed to watch the first film, The Babysitter, to get more information and to build a backstory. I’m glad I did. The second movie was connected to the first movie in many different ways. The characters were the same, the plot was extremely similar, and the first movie built up to the sequel.

While watching the first movie I couldn’t help but think about Home Alone. This film is about our main character, Cole, who is twelve years old trying to fend off a group of intruders in his house. The big plot twist was that the intruders are Cole’s babysitter’s blood cult, which was completely unexpected.

The whole movie just felt like a copy-paste of the first film.”

In the first movie, we watch as Cole defends himself, his house, and his neighbor Melanie while fighting against a cult of bloodthirsty teens. The movie wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be—it was just more gruesome and disgusting. 

After watching the first film I was quickly ready for the next one. The first movie was just as intriguing throughout as I thought it would be, but once I started the second movie I could tell this wasn’t going to keep my interest for very long.

The whole movie just felt like a copy-paste of the first film. The same characters were used, the same problem had arisen, and Cole was still fighting for his life two years later. I thought the second movie was uncalled for. It was too similar to the first and it lacked surprise in this one whereas the first I was wide awake and on the edge of my seat.

The movie itself was fine, but it was just too similar for my liking. I think the first movie really hit the spot of not being too scary but still being intriguing and somewhat fitting the horror genre. But the second movie was more comedy than horror and wasn’t that gruesome compared to the first movie.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen was too similar to the first movie in the plot, but not similar enough in the excitement factor.