The Friendship Onion brings a powerful behind-the-scenes connection to a platform for all audiences to enjoy



This is the cover of The Friendship Onion podcast, displaying the humorous hosts.

As I painted the walls of my room, the monotonous process was happily interrupted by the cheerful voices of Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd. This source of humor came from none other than their newest podcast: The Friendship Onion.

Ever since fourth grade when my Dad introduced me to The Lord of the Rings, I’ve continued to fall in love with the books, movies, and the franchise as a whole. My bookshelves are decorated with Funko Pops from the series, and my walls proudly display posters from this nerdy obsession. 

When I found out that the actors of some of the world’s most beloved characters—Merry and Pippin—had created a podcast together, I was overjoyed. Hitting play for the first time, my stress and worries melted away as their Scottish and British accents flooded my room. 

Together, they unravel the layers of friendship developed during their time on set and other facets of their relationship. I anticipated hearing memories together from their time filming; however, I was granted a multitude of other hilarious and intriguing segments to their show. 

On a variety of episodes, they invite on special guests from co-star Elijah Wood to astronaut Michael-Lopez Alegria. Every professional seems to bring out the best in the pair as their guests reminisce about times spent together or intrigue the audience with answers to philosophical or factual questions.

In an episode featuring The Late Night Show host Stephen Colbert, he dives deep into the process of his profession and provides insight into the inner workings of his TV show. It was eye-opening to hear about his work behind the scenes and the steps taken to make everything appear seamless on screen. 

When I listen, I feel as if I have been swept away by one of Pippin and Merry’s thrilling adventures, casting away all worries and overcome with excitement. ”

— Lauren Brace

I expected to enjoy the podcast simply because I was a fan of The Lord of the Rings and I would be able to add more material to my repertoire; instead, I was met with a source of entertainment that I believe anyone would enjoy no matter their Tolkien background. 

For example, I never thought that listening to someone eat a Twinkie could be so interesting. In their pilot episode, the friends try the snack for the first time. Though it may seem like there isn’t much to be said about the small sponge cakes, Monaghan trying to convince Boyd that their appearance looked like the face of a clock had me doubled over laughing with the overall absurdity of it. 

Tangential and humorous moments like these are sprinkled throughout the podcast, making nearly every conversation enjoyable. 

Their episodes include segments where they attempt to eat the world, from ordinary snacks such as Big League Chew to dishes that I have never tried such as Smoked Oysters. I find these aspects of their show to be incredibly unique compared to anything else that I have listened to. Their unscripted and relaxed tones allow the audience to feel as if they’re experiencing every moment with the hosts. 

Above all, my favorite parts are when both Monaghan and Boyd are laughing so hard that they can hardly squeeze a single word out. Their laughter is contagious, and I can’t help wheezing along with them no matter how ridiculous the catalysts of the giggles are. 

When I listen, I feel as if I have been swept away by one of Pippin and Merry’s thrilling adventures, casting away all worries and overcome with excitement. 

With their unique vernaculars and positive personalities, it’s difficult to stay away from the cheerful glow of the podcast. The strong connection between the actors is undeniable as they refuse to merely leave their friendship in a fantasy realm, sharing their humor and bond with the world.