Sugar Momma’s Bakery & Cafe satisfied my holiday sweet tooth


Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

A picture of the brownie I got in the plastic container, along with the three cookies on the plate in the center.

My sweet tooth grows exponentially come the holiday season.

My mom’s delicious chocolate chip cookies, my dad’s rich, homemade fudge that’s taken from my grandmother’s recipe, and the unhealthy amount of elaborate venti sugar cookie iced chais are some of my favorite parts of the holidays. I am always open to adding new treats to my regular regimen, and my mom mentioned not too long ago that Sugar Momma’s Bakery & Cafe has a wide assortment of holiday desserts. I could not pass up the opportunity to try them out.

I have only been into Sugar Momma’s a couple of times in my life, despite it being down the street from where I live. The atmosphere as soon as I walked in was warm, cozy, and welcoming, and my eyes were immediately drawn towards the assortment of holiday treats in the display case. After some consideration, I decided on three cookies and a brownie that looked absolutely delectable.

Chocolate Brownie

I have always loved brownies. Whenever we make them at home, I always have mine hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. This brownie looked amazing in the display case, and there was no way I was going to leave without it. After struggling to open the difficult plastic packaging, I began to dig in. Unfortunately, my high hopes were immediately diminished. I have always liked my brownies to have a cakey texture. This brownie was very fudgy and was not my favorite. Along with that, the actual taste of the brownie was delicious; it was very rich and too much for me to eat in one sitting.

Iced Gingerbread Cookie

I am pretty sure I’ve had gingerbread a mere once or twice in my lifetime. With that in mind, I did not have much of a recollection of what it tasted like, other than the fact that gingerbread is typically a spicy flavor. Since gingerbread is a staple holiday flavor, I decided to give it a try once more. This cookie did have a little kick of spice to it, but it was not overwhelming in the slightest. Though apprehensive at first, I truly enjoyed this cookie. The icing that topped this treat was a nice added feature as it balanced out the spiciness of the ginger with sweetness. Overall, I loved this cookie and will hopefully be eating it once again soon.

The atmosphere as soon as I walked in was warm, cozy, and welcoming, and my eyes were immediately drawn towards the assortment of holiday treats in the display case.”

Star-Shaped Sugar Cookie

As a kid, I had always loved sugar cookies. They would always be my go-to cookie no matter what other delectable flavors I was presented with. I have had Sugar Momma’s before, and I have always been amazed by the intricate designs and delicious taste of the sugar cookies. With that in mind, I had high expectations for this one. My hopes were not let down. The sugar cookie contained just the right amount of sweetness along with looking extremely cute. Sugar Momma’s will never be one to disappoint when it comes to a tasty sugar cookie.

Red Velvet Cookie

Red velvet is one of my favorite flavors. Whether it’s frozen yogurt, cookies, or cupcakes, it is always one of my go-tos. This cookie had both chocolate and white chocolate chips which I love. The red velvet cookie was soft inside while having a crispy exterior—the perfect type of cookie. I can now add Sugar Momma’s to my list of places that have delectable red velvet treats.

I have always known that Sugar Momma’s was the place to go whenever a delicious sweet treat was needed. Trying these holiday desserts was just more evidence to prove that. No matter what time of the year it is, Sugar Momma’s Bakery & Cafe will always contain a wide variety of fantastic treats.