Hailey Bieber resorts to her bathroom to stay relevant


All of the deepest conversations start in a bathroom. This is the idea behind Hailey Rhode Bieber’s “Who’s in my bathroom” series. The series welcomes a new A-list celebrity in each episode to talk about major gossip and their lives. Not only do we get to hear about the unrelatable lives of celebrities, but we also watch them cook some sort of cuisine that hits close to home or just whatever one craves to cook in Hailey Bieber’s bathroom. 

Where do I start? The concept is very bizarre but it draws you in. I watched every episode and it just felt mediocre. I don’t see the excitement in listening to celebs talk in a bathroom. All you get out of these videos are a few good headlines about the next ignorant thing a celebrity says. When Addison Rae talks about how her career took off just from being a TikTok star, I don’t think taking off necessarily means doing an interview with another celebrity in a bathroom. To each their own though. 

Hailey Bieber is considered one of our generation’s “It girls.” She is famously known for dating Justin Bieber, the ultra superstar that every single girl had a crush on from 2010 to now. Hailey Bieber is also a proud nepotism baby, so she has always been in the spotlight. She is considered a model but I just think she is a socialite through connections and marriage. I feel that these videos are a great way to connect with her fans but looking at it from a non-fan perspective changes things. 

These videos feel like the equivalent of elevator music. There is not much to them. That goes the same for Hailey Beiber. The setting of these videos being in a bathroom almost makes it simply weird to watch.  I wish she would’ve filmed in a completely different setting. This would add a little bit more excitement which is much needed. It could’ve been a picnic in her backyard, at the beach, or on a plane. Anything would’ve been better than a bathroom.

Another interesting point about these videos is that they are filmed in a set bathroom, so not even her own. It defeats the whole purpose of the video and immediately bursts the bubble of excitement when you realize it’s not her actual bathroom. Nowadays everything is so scripted and planned. I wish she would’ve done something realistic and refreshing to watch. I think for her next episode, if it isn’t too far out of her comfort zone, she should try going to another celeb’s bathroom. Quite a shocker right? In all seriousness, she needs to switch things up so it doesn’t feel so one-dimensional.

These videos feel like the equivalent of elevator music

All in all, Hailey Bieber seems to be hardworking and driven. She knows what she wants and follows through with her vision. She and her team have done a great job curating these videos, I will at least give them that. I just really want to see something new, that’s it. A change of scenery is very much needed; even a different bathroom would be great. Just something new to look at. I want to see a video about Hailey. Not her doing her makeup or interviewing other celebrities, but a video about who she really is when the big cameras aren’t rolling.

It is time for the “Who is in my bathroom” era to come to an end.