Freshman Aaron Jachim loves the stage


A dark theater filled with a captivated audience, thundering applause, a cast that is more like family, and an immense love for performing. For freshman student, Aaron Jachim, this is his idea of a perfect reality.

For the past three years, Aaron has performed in a number of musical productions. He began by playing the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, the Prince in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Rolfe in The Sound of Music, and was a part of the ensemble in FHC’s production of The Little Shop of Horrors.

“I love performing in musicals,” Aaron said. “[Onstage], I feel like I am free to be who I want to be and I have gained a lot of confidence.”

“[Performing in musicals] has really helped me gain a lot more confidence. I have also learned that I shouldn’t care what other people think and to just have fun.””

— Aaron Jachim

Aaron originally became interested in musicals when he was hesitantly convinced to audition for The Wizard of Oz. Once he earned a featured role, he began practicing by himself and with the rest of the cast a lot more often. Since then, his love for performing and prodigious talent has only grown.

“Aaron has such a great voice,” Aaron’s friend, sophomore Ashlyn Fitch said. “[His voice] and his facial expressions are really incredible. He seriously lights up the stage and has a big talent for performing. He is a hard worker and was so awesome to work with.”

According to Aaron, his experience with performing has been beneficial and also educational to himself.

“[Performing in musicals] has really helped me gain a lot more confidence,” Aaron said. “I have also learned that I shouldn’t care what other people think and to just have fun.”

Not only has he learned to have fun and let go, his participation in musicals also exposed him to a large collection of new people, according to Aaron.

His all time favorite part of this year’s musical was meeting an abundance of new people. He felt his cast members became his family over the past two months, and meeting all of those amazing people was one of his most impactful moments all year.

“One night after rehearsal, most of the cast went to Qdoba, and after a few hours, there was about six of us left,” Aaron said. “I remember I was sitting alone at the end of the table because I didn’t really know anyone there, and [senior] Jake Lohrke grabbed a chair and invited me to sit next to him and the other remaining cast members. From that moment on, I knew that this cast would be my other family, and I got to see how nice and accepting the other people were.”

According to Ashlyn, Aaron is one of the sweetest and most talented people in the world. He is said to be outgoing, and it was hard to find a time where he wasn’t making someone else smile.

“I met Aaron through the musical this year,” Ashlyn said. “We got assigned to be cast siblings, which is where you write nice notes and get each other gifts throughout the course of the musical. It is a really awesome way to get to know other people, and I am so glad that I got Aaron as mine.”

Freshman Meredith Vanskiver also agrees in saying that Aaron is an overall happy and friendly person. He has the type of personality that makes everyone around him happy and joyful.

“I have been friends with Aaron since kindergarten,” Meredith said. “[I have always known that] he has a great voice, and ever since we were in the same kindergarten class, I have [loved having him] as one of my best friends.”

Aaron’s friendly, cheerful, and talented personality is what will continue to help him on his way to success. In the future, he hopes to major in musical theater, and he also hopes to find a job in the performing world.

“Performing in musicals has really been very beneficial and fun for me,” Aaron said. “I have gained a lot of confidence and also learned not to care about what other people think. I get to be myself and do what I love.”