JV volleyball is defeated by Lowell

JV volleyball is defeated by Lowell

Thursday night, the Lady Rangers JV volleyball team took on its toughest competition of the season: Lowell. The game’s intensity could be felt by all who were in attendance. The Rangers put up a hard fight, but in the end the Red Arrows came out on top. With the help of sophomore Ellie Ingraham, the Rangers were able to make it a close game.

Ellie was able to help keep the team’s spirits up with her great enthusiasm. She also accomplished the main goal that the coach had set for the game: staying low and communicating. By doing so, Ellie helped her team reduce the amount of attacks hit at them in the game.

Ultimately, the team played very well as a whole. The coach was very pleased with the way the team performed and expects that they will only go up from there. Communication is always key, but in this game it was especially important in order for FHC to attempt to stop Lowell’s offensive attacks. The girls’ communication is what helped them keep the score only a few points apart.

The Rangers look forward to the next time they face Lowell and now know what to expect in that game. The team will use their strong offense and step up their defense in order to be victorious in the next battle against the Red Arrows.

The Lady Rangers are still looking very strong in the conference and are not too concerned with this loss. The Rangers are hoping to take as many wins as they can in the remainder of the season. As long as they keep up their hard work and effort, the team is going to do very well in the OK White conference.