Player profile: Tatum Otolski


Name: Tatum Otolski

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Middle hitter and middle back

How would you describe your recent success?

“It’s pretty neat seeing such a strong group of girls come together and win so many games so early on, especially as a freshman, it’s a really cool experience. Also, the sophomores have been so welcoming and encouraging to the three freshmen on JV. I think it is really showing how close we are when we get on the court, and I can’t wait for the rest of the season.”

What’s your reason for playing Volleyball?

“I decided to play soccer like my sister when I was younger and I just didn’t like it. I thought I could try volleyball, and since I’ve made that decision I just love it and can’t imagine not playing it.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your entire athletic career?

“My biggest inspiration would be my brother, Dylan because I’ve seen him work hard in high school football, and now in college football. It was pretty cool getting to watch him through all his challenges and seeing how he came out a better player every time.”

What are your upcoming plans with Volleyball?

“For the high school season, I want to continue to form great relationships with the older girls on my team and hopefully win our conference. I also want to continue playing club volleyball and I hope to make the U15 National Team.”

When did you start playing Volleyball?

“I started playing club volleyball in 5th grade, but I was playing a year up with the 6th graders.”

How long have you been playing Volleyball for FHC?

“I played volleyball both two years at CMS and now this year.”

Can you give me an inspirational quote?

“You’ve got what it takes but it’ll take everything you’ve got.”