Hit or miss sports movies


Forever Strong is a sports movie about a troubled teen who learns about more than just the sport of rugby; he learns to be a genuine and helpful person. This movie shows the struggles of both rugby and how outside pressures come into play with a sport. Some of the pressures include drugs, alcohol, and allowing popularity as well as fame to get inside the heads of high schoolers.

I would give this movie an eight on a scale of one to ten. I’d give this movie an eight because it truly showed the importance of having a coach that cares. No matter what Rick Penning – the main character played by Sean Faris- said or did, his new coach respected him and counted on him to captain the Highland Rugby team.

This is a must-see for any athlete struggling with peer pressure. Not only does Forever Strong show the consequences that come with making reckless decisions, it shows that if you put hard work into something, you’re bound to succeed. In Rick Penning’s case, these consequences were severe seeing as he ended up going to juvie. He worked hard enough to be able to play rugby for Highland – a nearby school- soon after a little roughing up, the team grew on him.