Player Profile: Audrey Sidebotham


Name: Audrey Sidebothman

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Basketball

Position: Post

Years playing: 5

Why do you play basketball?

“I play basketball because I love the sport, it’s as simple as that. It is a way to let my aggression and stress go. When I am playing basketball it is me and my team playing a game we all love. Being part of a team and making those bonds is another reason why I play basketball.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your basketball career?

“My two biggest inspirations in my basketball career are my mom and my brother. When my mom was younger she played basketball and softball, and she was her team’s star player for both sports. I hope to continue her legacy and play as well as she did. My brother has been there to cheer me up every time I feel down about how I played. He is always there for me and I can always count on him. I also would like to be as good as he was at sports, he inspires me to be better than he was at basketball.”

What is your personal goal for this season?

“My personal goal for this season is to rack up as many point as I can and be a really aggressive rebounder. I think communicating with my teammates and growing a bond [with] them will help me achieve my goal. Being able to communicate will help with passing the ball, so I can shoot or assist a lay-up.”

What is your favorite memory from FHC basketball?

“My favorite experience from playing Rangerball would have to be our EGR game last year. We were doing our press on EGR, but they managed to beat it and threw a long pass to half court. Once I saw the ball handler running towards our basket, I ran towards her as fast as I could. She got so scared that she threw the ball backwards over her head which led to an over-and-back on their team. My coach started to cheer for me and so did my team; it felt pretty amazing. We ended up winning that game.”