Player Profile: Samantha Jerow


Name: Samantha Jerow

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Freshman basketball

Position: Point guard

Club: Michigan Basketball Academy

Years playing: 4

Why do you play basketball?

“I play basketball because it is a fun sport and a good way to stay in shape. I really enjoy it.”

What has been your biggest motivation in your basketball career?

“My biggest motivation would have to be the title of being an athlete. It is a very important aspect of my life.”

What is your personal goal for this season?

“My personal goal is to up my endurance so I can play harder for longer. The key to achieving this is making sure I’m committed to giving 100% in and out of practice.”

What has been the best part about FHC basketball?

“FHC basketball has been a great experience, in 8th grade we took the ‘undefeated’ title with pride and I really feel like we earned it. I hope to bring the same fire and technique to the freshman team this season.”