Monica Noonan loves improving the Media Center


Some people go to the media center to find new book recommendations, and others only go in to print off their paper due next hour. FHC’s Media Clerk Monica Noonan makes sure that the library has a collection of fresh and relevant books and is a place that allows students to focus.

“This is my fourth year at FHC and before that, I worked as a recess aid at Thornapple Elementary,” Noonan said. “A position opened up, and I felt the position fit really well. I have always enjoyed reading so it was a good transition.”

Noonan finds reading can really transport you. She prefers to read fiction, and especially like works of historical fiction where readers can explore a time-period from the past.

“Students ask me if I read while at work,” Noonan said. “I explain that I can’t because I get too lost in books!”

Noonan enjoys helping everyone who comes in to check out books, do homework, or just hang out. Working in the media center allows her to be in a community that enjoys talking about books.

“I take as many book recommendations as I give,” Noonan said, “and that’s a really fun part of this job.”

Every year, Noonan works to make it easier for students to find new books that will fit their interests.

“We do this with the help of Chris Patrick, our Media Specialist, who orders our books,” Noonan said. “We offer input on the process through students’ suggestions, teacher feedback, “best ofa�� lists, and reading blogs. To encourage and promote reading we focus on creating displays and programs throughout the school year.”

The library’s updated areas really do make students feel more welcome, as one can see from how many regulars they have acquired recently. Noonan and the other media clerks continue to tweak the space following last year’s remodel to best showcase the space and the intended zones.

“Whether you are collaborating with a group, working alone, or socializing in a small group, the Media Center offers a space for everyone,” Noonan said. “It’s important that all students find it welcoming.”