Katie Hicks pursues dreams of a future in theater


“I love performing,” senior Katie Hicks said. “I love making people laugh. I just love getting an audience’s reaction, and I love being on stage.”

From improv to plays to musicals, Katie has done it all. She has been involved in theater since sixth grade. After doing several small school musicals and theater classes with Civic Theatre, she was immediately hooked.

“I decided that I liked performing,” Katie said, “and I just kept doing it as I grew up.”

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made during high school.”

— Katie Hicks

Katie continued to do small performances for several years, but she dove into theater upon entering high school. Since her freshman year, Katie has been involved with Improv Central, the fall plays, the musicals, and Random Acts of Talent. Katie credits the theater program, more specifically Improv Central, with her personal development.

“I really grew up with [Improv], and that’s what made me come out of my shell,” Katie said. “I used to be scared [as a] little freshman to be on stage with the upperclassmen, and my first year of improv really helped me grow.”

Aside from gaining confidence, theater has also helped Katie find many great friends, and through it, she gained a crucial support system.

“Everyone in theater is super supportive,” Katie said. “We share the same passion and core interest of theater, and that really binds us together.”

In addition, Katie is very grateful for the opportunities theater has provided her with. Upon reflection, she truly believes that theater has been the highlight of high school.

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made during high school,” Katie said. “It just helps so much with confidence. You make the best friends there.”

While theater is Katie’s passion, there are some days when she feels extremely challenged. Sometimes a show can be difficult to produce, but despite the difficulties she faces, Katie knows that everything will eventually fall together.

Recently, Katie played a role in Noises Off, a play that she considered to be her hardest one yet. Even though it was demanding to partake such a hard role, she learned to embrace the struggle.

“[Noises Off] was the hardest show I’ve done anywhere for sure,” Katie said. “It was really awesome to be able to push myself and challenge myself like that because it hadn’t really ever happened before that.”

Life for Katie can get hectic sometimes with a schedule full of theater, voice lessons, and dance lessons. But her fast-paced life doesn’t feel like a chore because she loves every second of theatre.

“It’s stuff I like doing, so [being busy] doesn’t really bother me,” Katie said.

While she is still undecided as to where she will attend college, Katie plans on majoring in musical theater. She hopes that she can find a job in any aspect of theater. While her future is still uncertain, Katie knows that she wants to pursue theater for the rest of her life.

Theater has made Katie the person she is today. She is very happy that she was able to find a passion that has shaped her future path.

“[Theater has taught me] to be more confident and not be afraid to put myself out there,” Katie said. “If I can get on stage and make a fool out of myself during improv, you can do everything.”