Murder on the Orient Express opened my eyes to the world of murder mysteries

Murder on the Orient Express opened my eyes to the world of murder mysteries

My eyes took a second to adjust as I walk into Theatre 14 at Celebration Cinema North on a typical Wednesday afternoon. My friend and I slid into our seats and leaned back as we greedily anticipated being whisked into a world that is not our own: the world of the Orient Express. We waited through the ads and the warning to silence our phones. We waited through the multitude of movie trailers, occasionally commenting how we simply have to go see that movie when it comes out. Finally, the first scene of Murder on the Orient Express filled the big screen, and we were instantly tugged into the tantalizing story of Hercule Poirot.

Murder on the Orient Express wasn’t a movie I expected to particularly love. I’ve never been into murder mysteries, and I was always going to the movies for singing and romance. However, in the case of Murder on the Orient Express, I’m thrilled I’ve pushed myself a little outside of my comfort zone.

From the initial scene of the movie, you could tell it was beautifully done. The overall look of the movie is pristine. For me, a story can have a great plot line and great characters, but if the presentation is subpar, I won’t enjoy the movie. Murder on the Orient Express, however, tackled all three: a great plot line full of twists and turns, deep characters who were all unique and well-portrayed, and an overall look that left me wanting for nothing.

Although the movie had quite a few main characters, it felt as though I knew each one. While it was sometimes confusing at the beginning due to the large number, the movie did a good job of making sure I learned about each and every one of them, so I didn’t stay confused for long.

Like all murder mysteries, there was the final big twist that you never see coming, or at least I didn’t. Although my friend and I both spent the entire movie trying to decipher “who done it,” neither of us was able to. The true test of a murder mystery is that final twist and whether or not it really shocks the audience. Murder on the Orient Express passed that test with flying colors.

Murder mysteries may not be my number one, but there was no denying Murder on the Orient Express was a spectacular movie. If every murder mystery was this good, they might just become my favorite genre.