Forest Hills water polo loses on Friday in tournament


On Friday, water polo went on the road to take on multiple opponents in the Jenison Tournament. They took on Naperville, which is a team from Chicago, as well as Grand Ledge. The Grand Ledge game was an unplanned and last minute game for FH. Both of the games were losses for the Forest Hills water polo team. Due to inclement weather, Saturday’s games were canceled.

In the game against Naperville, Forest Hills took the loss with a final score of 15-0. Naperville’s on-fire offense was what helped them pull out the win in the game, along with their stellar defense against Forest Hills. Forest Hills didn’t play at their best that night, which contributed to the loss.

When Forest Hills played Grand Ledge, they performed better than they did in the Naperville game offensively. The final score of the game ended up being 13-3 with Forest Hills finding limited chances to put points on the scoreboard.