Player Profile: Brady Price


Name: Brady Price

Grade: 10

Sport: Soccer

Position: Midfielder

What are some team goals for the season?

“We are shooting for a conference championship this year. We only have one loss in conference play so far and are looking to keep playing well in the games to come. Our other goal is to beat Northern on their own field. We lost 2-1 at home [to Northern already] and need to beat them to have a shot at a conference championship.”

Why do you play soccer?

“I love playing soccer because of the competitive nature and the teammates I get to play with. Getting through the grind of the season is a lot easier with all the guys on the team appreciating each other and getting along, which this team has done very well thus far.”

What is your favorite part about FHC?

“My favorite part of FHC is that anyone can get along with anyone. Sophomores and juniors can be good friends. Freshman and sophomores can get along and it helps to create a good atmosphere on the field and in the classroom.”

What is a key part to playing your position?

“The key part about playing midfield is setting up your teammates for success and making the extra pass to get them the better shot so that your team can score. You have to get back so that your defense isn’t outnumbered, and you have to take away the opponents’ options so that the other players can do their parts better.”

Who has been a key player on the team?

“Matthew Mahoney has been a huge part of our success lately. When he’s playing defense he always makes the big plays and brings consistency to the field. When he’s at midfield he is always creating opportunities for his teammates and consistently makes the team better. Matt is definitely a key player on this team.”