Tamino’s album Amir is nothing short of amazing

Taminos album Amir is nothing short of amazing


That was how I felt on Nov. 1 as I tried to find good music that isn’t constantly on the radio.

I wanted something unique, something unexpected, something that made me feel again.

I came across multiple albums that were decent, but none intrigued me the way I hoped they would.

That is until I listened to Tamino’s new album Amir.

Without meaning to, I fell into a deep trance. His incredibly strong yet soothing voice radiated a sense of power. His deep and meaningful lyrics made me feel like I was in a black-and-white film looking through a window at the storm outside.

Tamino has an impressive vocal range and falsetto but he does not use it that often in Amir. When he does, it is angelic and perfectly timed.

The perfect combination of course is when you have skills and you can use them at the right times, in function of your music, and not in function of showing what you’ve got.

— Tamino

Many components of his childhood influenced his songs, and traces of his Egyptian heritage can be heard in parts of the album. His album also includes other styles that can be a result of his mother playing all types of music when he was a child. Each of these elements is incorporated beautifully to make a masterpiece.

The song “So It Goes” has a very haunting sound, almost as if a band of undead merchants is following you. In “Habibi”, Tamino shows off his incredible vocal range. As it gains intensity near the end, the thick fog of emotion becomes more evident. His other music styles can also be heard in “w.o.t.h”, “Verses”, “Each Time”, and “Cigar”.

All of the lyrics in Tamino’s album Amir exude deep feelings. Some of them may even be considered a little dark. His songs are consistent in raw emotion and immense power.

This album is now one of my favorites. It is unbelievable that Tamino was able to include so many amazing elements into each song and not make it into an overwhelming cluster of sound. Tamino’s albums truly is a masterpiece.