Christmas Inheritance is a heartwarming holiday film

Christmas Inheritance is a heartwarming holiday film

As I nestled into my couch with a fuzzy blanket sprawled across my body and the fireplace crackling before me, I was truly in the Christmas spirit. The movie Christmas Inheritance is a light-hearted, wintery film that will surely bring ease to your heart and cause the Christmas spirit to go dashing into your home.

In the film, the ambitious—and newly engaged—Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor) is nearing the possible inheritance of her father’s gift company, Home and Hearth. In order to prove her abilities, Ellen is sent undercover to the town Snow Falls to give the annual Christmas card to her father’s business partner Zeke. When she is only allowed to spend a seemingly small sum of 100 dollars, she is faced with a challenge when plans go awry. After getting stuck in a torrential snowstorm, Ellen is abandoned with a slim amount of money and nobody to spend her time with during the Christmas season. Suddenly, she meets Jake (Jake Lacy), the manager of the Inn, and he introduces her to the citizens of Snow Falls. She begins to forge a romantic relationship with Jake as he teaches her the true meaning of hard work and what the Christmas season is truly about.

Directed by Ernie Barbarash in 2017, the film contains characters who seem to fit into their part like pieces of a puzzle. Their appearances and mannerisms fit into the scenes perfectly, and although the actors were not the best in the industry, they were able to pull off the scenes full of love, anger, and happiness. Taylor and Lacy played their often confusing roles phenomenally, and I was always able to feel their pain, love, and hardships through the screen.

As I watched Christmas Inheritance, I found myself falling for the love and romance scenes displayed throughout the film. The snow falling in the background and the quaint surrounding town may seem to set the stage for a classic, cheesy romance movie, but in reality, it makes the movie a fun and exciting film to watch all the way until the end. The cameras portray the scenery so well that at times, I felt as if I was standing there right alongside the characters. I never wanted to pick up my phone or tear my eyes from the screen; I was always captivated by the events occurring before my eyes. The thoroughly planned script allows the audience to truly connect to the characters and relate to the topics carried throughout the film.

Watching Christmas Inheritance greatly reminded me of the Netflix movie, A Christmas Prince. The love stories of two polar opposite people falling in love during the season of giving made me feel as if I was being told the same story simply told through another set of eyes. The plot, acting, and scenery in the movies were so similar that at one point I questioned if I had already seen Christmas Inheritance. Although the two Netflix originals may not be the most original films of all time, they still pulled me in and left me with a smile on my face.

Christmas Inheritance is surely a movie that will teach lessons of what Christmas is truly about. It isn’t about receiving presents or being gifted the certain present you wished for all year, but it is about love, family, giving, and happiness. Just like he did for Ellen, Jake is able to remind the audience that selflessness and love should always come first, and he proves that selfishness is one of the worst traits to carry on your back during the Christmas season.