Player Profile: Tom Tomsheck


Name: Tom Tomsheck

Grade: 12

Sport: Varsity Basketball

Position: Guard

Fun Facts about Tom

  • Was born and lived in Chicago until eighth grade
  • Has been to half of the states in the U.S.
  • Shares the same name with his grandpa and Dad
  • Loves to eat sushi

How long have you been playing basketball?

“I’ve been playing since I was in the eighth grade.”

What is one of the biggest influences in your basketball career?

“My grandpa has a huge influence on me. He really likes to watch me play and is always at all of my games, no matter where they are and no matter if I play or not.”

What’s your favorite basketball memory?

“Last year against Godwin Heights when Ty [George] hit that insanely deep three and our bench was going nuts. That was awesome because [Godwin was] such a good team, no one thought we would win. In the locker room, all of the coaches and players were going nuts.”

How has basketball impacted your life?

“It has definitely taught me a lot of life lessons. I haven’t necessarily played a lot in my career and although I’d love to play more, I’ve learned to make team success more important than personal gain. With that, I’ve learned to be a team player and do whatever I can do to prepare the guys for the task at hand.”

What are some of your goals for this season?

“The number one goal is always to win the conference championship and make a deep run in the playoffs. For this year, though, we’re really trying not to skip a beat this season. Obviously, things are going to be different because we have a brand new coaching staff, but we still have the Rangerball expectations. Rangerball demands excellence, and we’re trying to meet that. We know what kind of team that we have, and we want to show it because I think a lot of people in the area and other schools think it’s a rebuilding or transition year for us, but it’s not.”