Dave Cummins’s Timesuck podcast gives a skeptical side to the supernatural


Podcasts are the easiest way to retain information nowadays, as you can listen to them on the go, whether it be during work, cleaning etc. Typically, I go onto YouTube and waste time on watching conspiracy theory videos, but as I get busier and still want to get my fill of the newest supernatural new, I turned to podcasts as my last resort.

During this search, Timesuck was a popular and recommended podcast, so I decided to pursue these suggestions. I didn’t expect much out of this experience, but contrary to what I initially thought, I learned so much.

While normal supernatural podcasts cover the subject at hand, podcaster Dave Cummins seeks below what lies on the surface and researches the history behind a topic. I love this aspect of the podcast, as I’m fond of how things came to be. An example of this comes from one of my favorite episodes called “Digital Immortality.”

he additionally offers a new skeptical point of view on these subjects”

In this episode, Cummins ponders over how we could possibly transfer our human consciousness to a digital form or updating our carbon-based body to become a new kind of technology. But before diving into how we can reach this level of evolution, he talks about our history of how we came to discover our consciousness.

The history he touches upon dates back all the way to Egypt, as the Egyptians studied the brain first,  opening prisoners-of-war heads’ and touching the brain ending in different reactions from the patient. Isn’t that crazy? That is another reason why I love this podcast since I learn little historical facts such as that.  

Cummins doesn’t only do his research; he additionally offers a new skeptical point of view on these subjects. While he’s explaining the topic and its bizarre conclusions, he comes up with a scientific reasoning, which I’m grateful for as I keep my head up in the clouds and believe anything that is fed to me. One of the best episodes that represent this is “Shadow People.”

The “Shadow People” episode is about the dark figures that take human-like forms and watch over you during your sleep. After immense amount of research through urban legends and folklore explaining why the shadow people might be haunting you, Cummins then looks at the analytical side of this. Some explanations for why you see these people are paranoia and schizophrenia; these can be stimulated easily by the brain. There could also be a possibility of sleep paralysis or astral projection.

Cummins explains this in a way you can understand it, and not only that, but Cummins also has a quick wit to make you laugh every once and awhile. It lightens the mood and all around makes the podcast more enjoyable to listen to.

Timesuck is a lovable podcast that covers a wide variety of subjects and reaches a huge audience from skeptics to optimists. It blends the perfect amount of eeriness and comedic relief. I’m glad to find such an amazing podcast, and I can’t wait to listen to it nonstop.