Lake Michigan Nutrition is the perfect spot for an indulgent dessert

Lake Michigan Nutrition is the perfect spot for an indulgent dessert

For many years, I have searched for the perfect place to indulge on a healthy, fulfilling snack. Located near the GVSU campus, Lake Michigan Nutrition proved to be the place I have been desiring my entire life.

After a long, painful track meet at Grand Valley, my teammates and I were in need of instant recovery. Because it was recommended by a friend, we decided to stop in and visit Lake Michigan Nutrition to see if it was truly worth all that it claimed to be.

The menu and order of operations are unlike anything I have seen at any other restaurant. You begin by ordering a coffee or tea of your choice along with a shot of aloe either on the side or incorporated into your tea. The options seem endless as they offer everything from fruity teas to mocha coffees. Following the delivery of your tea or coffee comes the best part of the entire visit: the enormous, healthy milkshake. They offer well over 100 different flavors ranging from classic Oreo all the way to Toaster Strudel.

After hearing my friends rage about these healthy yet delicious shakes, I had high hopes as I entered the doors of the modern, trendy cafe.

My initial thoughts were exactly as I hoped they would be. I was impressed with the cute decor on the walls and tables of the comfortable restaurant. Copious clean and cleared tables filled the room; natural lighting danced in through the large windows.

As the door closed behind us, many welcoming faces greeted us from behind the counter. We were approached with a smile and told all about the menu and what they offer. We were given a sheet to fill out our orders and some personal information such as a phone number and goals for your body.

If you know me, you know that there aren’t a ton of places that I can eat at safely because of my allergies, but they were extremely accommodating and made sure that what I was eating would be free of any allergens.

As I drank my iced coffee, I was surprised by how tasty it truly was. I figured it would taste unlike any coffee I had ever had before because of the great amounts of healthy ingredients incorporated, but it turned out to be one of the best coffees I have ever had.

After just a few short minutes, I was given my dark chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake. It looked as if it would contain a million calories, but it ended up being well under 300. The ingredients were nearly all healthy and good for your body, especially after a tough workout.

As we left and paid, the price came out to be much cheaper than I had anticipated. The cost of the food was so much less than other restaurants in the same category as Lake Michigan Nutrition. For being near a college campus, the prices certainly help to make it such a popular spot. 

Although I wish it were in a location closer to home, Lake Michigan Nutrition will certainly be one of my new favorite spots to visit for a healthy dessert.