Player Profile: Lilly Crook


Name: Lilly Crook

Grade: 11

Sport: Track and field

Event: Pole vault and long jump

How long have you done track and field?

“I have participated in track and field for the last six years.”

What are you looking forward to this season?

“I am looking forward to jumping higher and spending time with my pole vault team.”

Who has been your favorite coach and why?

Coach Bob is my favorite coach because he’s proud of each one of our vaulting accomplishments, no matter how small. Coach Bob always makes pole vaulting light and fun. He is very generous, and he won’t give up on you.”

Do you have any fun track memories?

“At the beginning of the season, the new vaulters take part in initiation. No one is forced to partake in this activity. It consists of touching the tip of your tongue to the surface of water inside the pole vault box. It’s disgusting, but it’s hilarious to watch the new vaulters initiate themselves.”

Do you have any meet-day traditions?

“Every time we have a meet, the pole vault girls sit on a large blanket together after we warm up, and we cheer after each of our teammates clears the bar.”

What are five fun facts about you?

  • I went to the state track meet in 8th grade for long jump.
  • I began pole vaulting my sophomore year.
  • I run cross country in the fall.
  • My pole vault PR is 8 feet.
  • I tried triple jump for the first time at a meet freshman year.