Player Profile: Joe Murdock


Name: Joe Murdock

Grade: 9

Sport: Golf

How long have you been playing golf?

“I have been playing golf since I was around 5 years old. My dad has mentored me and it has been very enjoyable ever since.”

How is the team doing?

“Pretty good right now. We have very few returning players so we are really young and still new to high school golf. Despite the young team, though, we have some talented players and our program will continue to improve as the season goes on.”

What is your favorite part of the sport?

“I love the individuality of the sport. Although we are all on one team, it is great knowing that no one but yourself can affect the way that you play.”

Who is a professional athlete that inspires you?

“My favorite professional golfer is Justin Thomas. He has always been one of my favorites on tour, and he’s a lot of fun to watch.”

3 fun facts about Joe:

  1. Plays basketball
  2. Hard working both on and off the golf course
  3. Tennessee Volunteers fan